FINE’s mission consists in promoting excellence in nursing education, as well as nurse educators’ skill acquisition and maintenance in the countries of the World Health Organization’s European region, so as to better address their populations’ constantly evolving health needs.

FINE was formally established in 1995. The first countries involved were the Netherlands, Great Britain and the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Rapidly, many other countries, such as Portugal, Spain and France, joined the Association.

Since its inception FINE has been a permanent forum where nurse educators from higher education institutions in Europe share information, experiences, best practices and innovation. FINE is an important player in nursing education across Europe, building a taskforce and links to the EU and WHO, as well as other nurse associations globally. As a European network that plays a central role in research, counselling and policy-making on nursing education and development, FINE is also becoming a strategic partner with other countries outside Europe.

FINE is an associate partner of the Train4Health project. Defining health professionals’ competences to deliver interventions to change lifestyle behaviours in chronic disease and shaping the academic curricula is an important endeavour aligned with FINE’s mission: nurses graduation based on a research-informed and quality assured curricula, as well as qualifying learning environments as a contribution for quality in health care and quality of life.

FINE’s partnership with Train4Health enhances the development of leadership competencies in nursing education through innovation and ICT, which have consistently changed the practice of nursing education and client approach all over the world, especially with the covid19 crisis, where the role of the nurses and other health professionals and teams is highlighted.

Filomena Gaspar, FINE Vice-President
Cecile Dury, FINE President