December 4, 2020 | BEHIND THE SCENES #2

In WP2 the development of the competency framework to support behaviour change and self-management in chronic disease has now been completed. In addition to preparatory work, Delphi study was undertaken involving 48 experts across 14 European countries. Panellists were asked to rate their agreement with various competency statements. Following two Delphi rounds, 26 competency statements were included in the final framework.

Based on the competency framework, learning outcomes based curriculum has been developed and is currently being finalised. In parallel, a focus group study with educators and students across T4H partner institutions is currently underway to define the requirements of future educational products that will be developed during the course of this project.

Twelve focus groups were conducted using videoconferencing technology which revealed to be an excellent approach to involve participants from different parts of Europe. Almost 70 students and educators joined this co-production process. Findings will be available soon!

In other WPs a highlight is the T4H simulation software proof of concept, which was subjected to a first test within the consortium.